Welcome to my home on the web.

Contact Me

I prefer private and secure methods of communication.


keys.pub is an application available for Windows, MacOS and Linux that allows you to send and receive encrypted messages.

My public key is:

epmills.com@https kex1uwkafxxpkay2ke3altq23h9g0frntesvaep6552f658ttjg5gr2qllz9kw

Here's what encrypting a message to me looks like using the Keys app:

Encrypting a message to epmills

Just enter your message, click COPY TO CLIPBOARD and paste in an email or chat.


Cabal is a decentralized local-first peer-to-peer group chat (like IRC/Slack).

You can download a desktop client for Cabal for Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Finally, click the (+) button in the left pane to join a new cabal and enter the link below: